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Artist: Waheeda Jaffar
Medium: Oil and Acrylic On Canvas
Dimensions: 100cm (Width) x 76cm (Height)

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About The Artwork

With the Covid pandemic having dominated the world for close to two years, its effects have come to pass as the new norm. Consequences that were once viewed as struggles have merely become part and parcel of one’s everyday life. These negative impacts have been pushed to the back of people’s minds, increasingly forgotten about as the pandemic pushes on.

This is what the piece “Adversity” portrays. It highlights the unseen, or rather forgotten, effects that the pandemic has had on Singapore; effects that have become nothing more than a background to the lives people continue to lead.

In this piece of the Masked Realities collection, the background imagery of the artwork becomes the key subjects of the painting; the disintegrating Changi Airport Tower representing the decline in the aviation sector; the Merlion spitting out blood representing the dip in tourism; the nurse tending to a victim representing the overwhelming workload put on the healthcare system; the Safe Distancing Ambassador representing the risk of social proximity; declining stock markets representing the worsening economy; people embracing each other representing the fear of losing loved ones.

All these ramifications which were previously forgotten about are now once again brought into the light, forcing present people to face the ugly truth of what has ensued the pandemic and reminding future people of what the pandemic was truly like. It serves as both a reality reminder and a historical account of Covid-19.

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