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赵无畏 Zhao Wuwei

Zhao Wuwei was born in January 1933 in Nancheng City, Sichuan Province.
Graduated from Chongqing Early Childhood Normal School (now merged with Chongqing Normal University), He is a Senior Lecturer at Sichuan Provincial special-level teachers.

He is currently a member of the Chinese Artists Association, the Central Museum of Arts and History, a researcher at the Chongqing Librarian of the Cultural history and history of the People’s Government.

Mr. Zhao has long been engaged in art creation in middle school, and university art teaching work. 

With a serious attitude, his artwork is simple, implicit, rich in the atmosphere of the times, and life.

With his interest and artistic passion, handwriting, fine portrayal, deep exploration of the inner world of the characters, to touch, to draw.

His works have been selected for the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth national beauty exhibition, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Party of the National Beauty Exhibition, the first and second National Academy of Painting Biennale and related large-scale national-level thematic exhibition. Two of his Chinese painting works were also selected in the 6th National Beauty Exhibition, “Peach Li Love” won the outstanding works award and Chinese art Collection: “Growth” is collected by foshan Museum in Japan. He was invited many times to participate in countries and regions outside Cultural exchange exhibition, and many of his works are collected by people at home and abroad. Published by Zhao Wuwei Painting Selection, China Zhao Wuwei has a collection of modern famous paintings, and Zhao Wuwei works in a series of fine books by modern Chinese artists.

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