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Waheeda Jaffar

Waheeda Jaffar is a self-taught artist who perfected her skills at LASALLE College of the Arts. She works mainly with acrylic and oil paints and creates art pieces based on the issues we face in our society today.

 She is a bold and outspoken Singaporean artist unafraid to tackle difficult topics on the canvas, topics she believes should be brought up more in our daily lives.

 Through her pieces, she hopes that she can help to spark important conversations amongst people who come across her paintings.

 Her inspiration for her current art pieces are driven by her own life experiences and personal observations on the world. This, coupled with her unique artistic composition, results in awe-inspiring artworks brimming with raw emotion.

 Waheeda strives to bring Singapore’s art to the next level by bringing light, to both the achievements and challenges faced in Singapore.

Her aim is to use her upcoming artworks to unfold the story behind the success of this “little red dot”. She aspires to eventually become the voice of Singapore all over the world regardless of language. Waheeda believes that art transcends all language barriers.

Waheeda Jaffar


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