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谷丰 Gu Feng

Mr. Zhou Chenhui (Gu Feng), a famous oil painter, watercolor painter, powder painter and poet. Born in 1965, he is currently the dean of the Academy of Fine Arts of Anshan Normal University, the vice chairman and secretary-general of Anshan Artists Association, the vice chairman of Anshan Local Culture Research Association, and the vice chairman and secretary-general of Anshan Poets Association.

Paintings have been exhibited at national, provincial and municipal levels and won awards. A wide variety of institutions and government agencies have collected the works, as well as galleries, museums, and collectors from overseas. He held a touring exhibition in France in 2008, and his works were collected by the French Clermont-Ferrand municipal government, officials, and collectors. He has been published in the “Grand View of Fine Arts” and other art publications as well as in the “Selected Works of Chinese Young and Middle-aged Artists”. One academic book and over ten papers have been published on art teaching and painting creation.


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